Windows Install.


Use the following steps to run Tuxemon on Windows from the prebuilt binary:
Note: The binary package may be outdated. For the most recent build, use the source instructions.

1. Download the prebuild Windows package here.

2. Extract the archive to a folder.

3. Execute "tuxemon.exe" to launch Tuxemon.


Use the following steps to run Tuxemon on Windows from source:

1. Download and install Python 2.7 here.

2. Download and install Pygame here.

3. Download and install the Python Imaging Library here.

4. Download "" here and save it to your Python installation directory (Default: C:\Python27). You may need to go to "File"-> "Save Page" in your browser to save the file.

5. Install pip by opening up a command prompt by going to Start-> Run and typing in "cmd". Then run the following commands:
C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Python27\
C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install pytmx
C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install netifaces
C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install six
C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install neteria

6. Download the latest development version of Tuxemon here and extract the archive to a folder.

7. Double-click on "" to launch Tuxemon.

Windows Install